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2009 Chardonnay SOLD OUT

The 2009 vintage commenced with a beautiful cool wet spring enabling a prolific canopy of healthy leaves on the vines. This proved fortuitous as later in the season we needed a thick canopy to shield the grapes from 3 days of over 37 degrees! Fortunately, the combination of deep root systems and a healthy canopy means we didn't suffer from the sunburn and grape loss many vignerons in southern Australia suffered. The late summer warmth and mild breezes through the surrounding Victorian alps ensured steady ripening and exceptional fruit.

The 2009 Chardonnay was picked with 3 passes through the vineyard to ensure only those bunches which were perfectly ripe were picked on that day. This resulted in pristine fruit for each day’s pressing with beautiful natural acidity and lively elegant flavours. The grapes travelled 200m from the vineyard to the winery in the early morning still cold from the overnight alpine air. They were then whole bunch pressed in an old fashioned basket press. The juice was run straight to barrel of which approximately 40% was new French barriques. Nothing was added to the juice.

From this point the wine making proceeded in its usual unrushed, unhurried tradition of the great wines of Europe.

Natural indigenous yeasts eventually start the fermentation about a week after pressing. Slowly and surely a progression of different yeast strains start fermenting then expire as alcohol levels rise and favour a more alcohol resistant yeast. This natural process results in each strain conferring its own characteristics on the fermentation and producing a wine with more character and complexity well as more texture and oak integration. I cannot imagine doing it any other way.

After approximately 18 months in oak, in our cool dark cellars, each barrel is tasted and the best barrels are assembled for the finished wine. The wine is left to naturally settle and in most cases bottled without any filtration.

From here the 2009 was left to integrate in bottle for a further 9 months. It will continue to evolve and improve for many years to come due to its powerful structure and ripe fruit.

Tasting Notes:

Colour - Pale straw with a tinge of chartreuse. Brilliantly clear.

The aroma is initially very tight and closed. This wine needs to breathe! Intensely mineral, lithe and focused. It continuously evolves in the glass. Quince, grapefruit, white peach, pear, honeysuckle, lycee, nutmeg, grilled nuts and a little funkiness.

On the palate you are struck by the structure and texture of this wine. A wine of terrific line and length! Wonderful natural acidity that forms a piercing core that all the flavours revolve around. Grapefruit, pear, white peach, brioche, lemon curd with hazelnuts and almond flavours on the finish.

Complex, complete. This is a tightly wound wine and will repay cellaring for 10-15 years.

Available in natural cork and screw cap.

All grapes under this label are sourced from the Savaterre Vineyard in Beechworth.

It is imperative to open this wine at least 2 hours ahead of drinking if you are going to experience the layers of complexity the palate has to deliver. This is particularly relevant if you intend to enjoy to consume this wine in the next 5 years.

Store at 14C.

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