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We are pleased to announce our wines are now served in Emirates First Class.

Our Wine Sound Advice

My mother gave me some sound advice when I was young - ” Be patient!”

Being patient translates now to minimal intervention in the winemaking process. Minimal intervention and long, slow elevage in cool dark cellars are the cornerstones of our winemaking philosophy.

If we are truly to represent our wines’ origins, then winemaking influences must be reduced to the very minimum.

This dictates -

Fermentation using only indigenous yeasts, organisms from our own vineyard.... not super yeasts, lab bred, pumped up on steroids, all the way from California yeast. Indigenous yeasts can be more difficult and more risky, they are slower to ferment than the turbo commercial yeasts but I am unequivocally convinced of their importance in creating wines that are unique, intense, textural and complex

The very best tight grain French oak barriques, of which approximately 50% are new each year, are employed to subtly enhance the wine without being overbearing as well as providing the wines a perfect vessel for their 19 months of development or elevage.

Natural malolactic fermentation (bacterial conversion of the hard malic acid to softer lactic acid) also occurs naturally. We do not add any commercial bacteria. This can take up to a year. No matter, our wines are powerful, require patience and we don’t rush our wine to the market.

The wines are unfiltered to retain these unique qualities and may require decanting several hours prior to enjoyment.

This adherence to natural, unhurried winemaking, results in wines with increased intensity of aroma, flavour, texture and length.


Chardonnay vines bear small, round, greenish-gold fruit. While the vines are extremely adaptable to different growing conditions, they produce the best wines when grown in a cool climate on lean soil. Savaterre's terroir produces excellent Chardonnay: vibrant, bright, aromatic and complex.

Pinot Noir

An ancient varietal with its roots in eastern France, Pinot Noir is a red grape that is highly expressive of its terroir. The long growing season of the Beechworth region allows Pinot Noir grapes to develop slowly and to their fullest, most deliciously intense flavors. Savaterre's has undertones of cherry and plum with depth and velvetiness from maturing in oak.


Syrah grapes, known as Shiraz in Australia, produce full-bodied, long-lived, fruity wines. Shiraz flavors and aromas include peppers, berries, currants, and even chocolate. Syrah grapes originated in France's Rhone valley and their use in wines is traced back to the Romans and Greeks. Syrah wines have some of the strongest, most distinctive flavors and aromas of any red wine.