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2006 Savaterre Pinot NoirSOLD OUT

"I drank a bottle of this with lunch last week and another bottle at dinner at home a few days later, and I'm still stunned by its quality. This takes seriousness in Australian pinot noir to a new level. When you first open it it's rigidly tight, deep, focussed and intense, its flavours a mix of dark cherries, sap, walnuts and cedar. Given time an intense aroma and flavour of dark, ruby rose petals comes forward, though it's offset by a deliciously sophisticated sting of bitterness through the (long) finish. If you have any intention of drinking this in the next couple of years, then you need to decant it for at least an hour or two. What this wine really needs is seven to ten years in a cool cellar - after which it should be magnificent. Big on structure, and big on class. Drink: 2014-2021. 96 points. "
Campbell Mathinson, Winefront Monthly: May 2008

2006 was a beautiful year at Savaterre. Adequate rainfall, beautiful warm ripening and a slow finish made 2006 one of my favourite vintages. I try to be objective when describing vintages and wine, however I am attracted to their own distinct personalities, their uniqueness within the Savaterre family of wines. A child within a family if you will. There is no doubting the 2006 has a strong genetic / terroir character that runs through the Savaterre lineage.

Our close planted vineyard, once thought of as eccentric is proving to be a blessing. Each vine produces less than one bottle of wine on average. This low wine to vine ratio allows the terroir or uniqueness to express itself fully. Combine this with caring organic and biodynamic farming practices allows the vines to respond naturally and become more efficient in producing grapes full life and persona.

As usual all grapes were harvested by hand in the cool of the early morning. Within 15 minutes they are in the winery where our winemaking is a blend of the ancient with the modern.

Balanced, powerful, pure, linear and long with fantastic age worthy structure. Intense and elegant.

Ancient in that all ferments are carried out by indigenous or “wild” yeasts and no chemicals are added to assist the winemaking process.  Long slow fermentation that takes up to 3 times the duration of commercially fermented wines.  The elevage or cellaring is slow and deliberate, allowing the wines to progress at their own rate.  This deliberate “no rush” policy is one of the tools we use to maximise potential from our fruit.  Unlike many commercial wineries we have no release date to force our hand, to dictate taking shortcuts. The wine is released when I feel its ready, and not before.

Modern in that having studied chemistry and biochemistry I can safely sit back, confident of the winemaking processes and only intervene should I be required. Therefore the wines have the ability to evolve naturally which reduces the winemakers “fingerprint”. It’s often much harder to sit back and do nothing allowing the wines to express themselves. Far from being a safe way to make wine it’s quite risky and considered unacceptable in most wineries. It is only by walking this tightrope between mediocrity and excellence that a truly memorable wine of terroir can be born.

I am convinced that this adherence to ancient and traditional methods in the vineyard and winery, coupled with scientific knowledge, allows me the confidence to oversee a natural unhurried process and to produce the very best I can. It this quality and longevity that make me very proud to present the 2006 wines to you.

Tasting Notes:

Brilliant deep crimson.

Refined focussed and serious. After some time in a decanter lifted aromas of wild sour cherry, dewy rose petal, violets, dark berry fruits, all spice, clove and undergrowth emerge.

On the palate I am immediately struck by the texture of the wine. A harmonic balance between brooding fruit power, acidity and ripe fine silky tannins. Minerally, tight, ripe and savoury. Intense flavours surface and meld. Dark forest fruits, rose petals, dark sour cherry, cedar and spice. These flavours are all contained within a tight acidic structure with fine ripe tannins that compliment a long finish. A wine with soul.

This year I chose to fine tune my winemaking. This involved modifying part of the second year regime. Approximately one third of the wine is taken from barrique in it's second year and put into specially designed stainless steel tanks. This has the effect of slowing the wines development allowing further change to slowly take place in the bottle. Longevity and structure is the result with a wine that will not loose fruit / dry out from the effect of oak or loose purity of its terroir.

All grapes under this label are sourced exclusively from the Savaterre Vineyard in Beechworth.

It is imperative to open this wine at least 2 - 3 hours ahead of drinking if you are going to experience the layers of complexity the palate has to deliver. This is particularly relevant if you intend to enjoy to consume this wine in the next two years.

Unfiltered. Store at 14C.

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