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2007 "Les Enfants" Pinot NoirSOLD OUT

"Spare a thought for the ultimate speculator, the farmer."
Foreword - Chicago Futures Exchange handbook

This quote is particularly relevant to the summer of 2007. Nature threw most of her armoury at us in the form of frost, hot weather, low rainfall and crazy summer storms that both damaged property and brought well needed rain to the lucky ones. We were lucky! Our dam held up and we received the rain from the summer storms. Vine health due to our organic/ biodynamic regime was outstanding.

However, all this “luck” led to a 60% reduction in the crop.  Additionally, I was not totally convinced the quality was at the high benchmark we set to be labelled as a Savaterre Vintage.  Instead the 2007 vintage has been declassified to Savaterre “Les Enfants” which is usually reserved for our young vine wine.

I initially had thought the vintage was of a quality as to be sold as Savaterre and labelled it as such.  It was only through tasting during its maturation in bottle that I made the decision to declassify.

These are still quality boutique wines yet the season did not produce a vintage sufficiently high for the Savaterre release.

Many in the wine world said I was being over the top and too precious, that this was just vintage variation as our European friends call it. I couldn’t agree. I feel these wines are for drinking in the next 3-5 years and should not be cellared for 10 years plus as is the norm for Savaterre. So the decision was made. The wine has been declassified and the priced accordingly. I sleep well at night feeling I have been honest with myself and my customers.

Tasting Notes:

As with the Savaterre chardonnay this Pinot Noir is the result of low input, traditional winemaking. Approximately 40% new oak from France.

Colour: Crimson and brilliant.

Aroma:  Aromas of sour cherry, dewy rose petals, plum, violets, forest floor, tobacco, cloves and bramble are initially evident.

After some time in the glass a sip reveals a powerful and tightly structured wine that is full of personality and persistence. Flavours of cherry, plum, ripe raspberries, bramble and some spice meld to produce a long, mouth coating wine.

Powerful, lifted and ethereal

As with all Savaterre wines it is made using 100% wild fermentation, no added yeasts or bacteria

While not as long or subtle as a Vintage Savaterre I feel it offers exceptional value for such expression.

All grapes under this label are sourced exclusively from the Savaterre Vineyard in Beechworth.

It is imperative to open this wine at least an hour ahead of drinking if you are going to experience the layers of complexity the palate has to deliver.

Unfiltered. Store at 14C.

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