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2010 Savaterre Pinot NoirSOLD OUT

"Structure. First up. The feel of a wine that’s raring to go, but will look better with some time. It’s a layered, crunchy, shy wine with vibrant fruit tempered by judicious chalky phenolic grip and that the wringing tightness as fruit wrestles with firm acidity. Aromas are wild, free and inviting though – stacks of concentrated red cherry, amaro herbs and sweet earth. Very fine through the palate; a sheet of flavour and texture that finishes long and strong. Stalks show as twiggy, nutmeg-like flavours and glassiness in underlying texture. It’s not for the hedonist now, but patience should reward for all that’s going on in this wine. Very good wine... 94+ points. "
Mike Bennie, The Wine Front : Novemeber 2012

"We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master" said Ernest Hemingway in 1961.

As a vigneron and winemaker Hemingway’s quote really rings true. No vintage is exactly alike. Lessons learnt and techniques applied in past vintages may be completely inappropriate for the current year’s fruit. That is assuming there is quality fruit. It is an especially hard craft to master without any grapes!

After a very wet 2011 growing season we were forced to reject our entire crop as it was not up to our standard. So no Savaterre estate 2011! Sorry, painful but necessary to preserve our integrity. However, other vineyards in Beechworth were not as unlucky as us. It’s the fickle nature of weather and country life.

The “fickle nature of weather” however, provided us with an amazing 2010 vintage. In my opinion our 2010 vintage wines are the best we have ever produced.

2010 as you probably know was exceptional over most of Victoria. Everything came together. Rain fell at the right time, the sun shone but not too much or too strong, cool nights and a continuous gentle breeze keeping disease at bay. I couldn’t have wish for more.

There was no crop thinning in 2010 as the vines set the magic number of about 800gms per vine or aprox. one bottle per vine. As we have a close planted vineyard the older vines are now maturing such that they have come into an equilibrium that ensures a small crop and an even, gentle ripening.

I’m sure our organic/ biodynamic practices are helping in maintaining an ecosystem that is alive, diverse and flourishing.

The wines were held back from release for an extra eight months because the wine was evolving very slowly. We don’t release wines that are not approachable. Our wine, however, like all fine wine is made to last and drink after evolving over the years. I hate the idea of my wines being rushed like some commercial, mass produced product.

The Savaterre 2010 chardonnay is a hard act to follow but the 2010 Pinot Noir refuses to play second fiddle.

The Pinot is a more shy and introverted at release but will be brooding, intense, aromatic and is structured for the long haul. A serious wine.

Tasting Notes:

Brilliantly clear garnet colour.

Lifted, ethereal aromas of morello cherry, dewy rose petals, allspice, cloves and complex truffle like undergrowth give a hint of the flavours to follow. Sultry, sophisticated and seductive.

On tasting the wine I am struck by the intensity of flavours and the beautiful balance of acid and fine tannins that extend the length of the wine. Sour cherry, red and black fruits, exotic spices at its core. Its defined yet brooding.

Power and grace. Understated yet complex. Balanced. Young.

All grapes under this label are sourced exclusively from the Savaterre Vineyard in Beechworth.

It is imperative to open this wine at least 2 - 3 hours ahead of drinking if you are going to experience the layers of complexity the palate has to deliver. This is particularly relevant if you intend to enjoy to consume this wine in the next two years.

Unfiltered. Store at 14C.

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